Blue and White Floral Tiles from Porto, Portugal

Blue and white diagonal tile painted bandw 1200dpi.jpg

I took hundreds of photographs of tiles when I was in Portugal this summer. I was entranced by the variety and color and surprise of them. I hadn’t realized that tiles could be used on the outside of buildings and was fascinated to see that all over Porto and Lisbon. Because they were on the outside of buildings it was much easier to take pictures of the sheer variety. I have begun to draw out some of these tile patterns. I thought it would be interesting to see the black and white drawing of just one tile and then have a group of four of them painted to get an idea of a pattern that can be created with that just one tile rotated.

A Spread from a Travel Sketchbook

European SB Newton 2014

This is the finished spread from a travel sketchbook that I'm working my way through from a 2014 trip to the Boston area, and then on to Europe. Every day from the trip gets its own spread and I wrote notes on sticky notes to remind myself of what I did those days. Somedays I was able to get in a sketch onsite from some part of the day's activities. I do rely heavily on my photographs from the day. I also like to include maps whenever I can and will also draw tickets or passes or receipts to add to the day's events. This particular day was spent in walking around the neighborhood I grew up in, enjoying all the old houses and going to my elementary school. It was also farm share day, so it was a trip out to the farm to pick up the week's bounty for my mom.

A Man Sitting in Front of his House, Old Havana, Cuba

04 Cuba 2017 lg man in front of house 72 dpi w text with wm.jpg

This is a drawing of a man I saw sitting in front of his house, a normal enough thing. But the building had lots of scaffolding set up supporting the second story balcony. A scene of regular people just living side by side with urban decay.