Black and White and Painted Versions of Raised Tiles from Porto, Portugal

Raised tiles yellow and white 2018-10-09 72 dpi.jpg

I finished painted the raised yellow and white tiles I saw in Porto, but I find that I need to work on my grime technique. Because the tiles are raised and have various nooks and crannies and are outside, they get dirty in the crevices. It’s darker than the shadows but not quite like I painted. Who would have thought painting dirt and grime would be a technique to master?!

First days' drawings from Inktober 2018

Inktober is an annual challenge to draw daily with ink for a month. Other media are allowed but there does have to be ink somewhere. You can use prompts that they come up with or follow your own sources of inspiration. This year I’m trying to use their prompts but to also keep within a botanical related theme. So far I’ve done Lilies of the Valley for ‘Poisonous,’ a forsythia leaf because I couldn’t think of something related to ‘Tranquil,’ Brussel sprouts for ‘Roasted,” Water Hemlock for ‘Spell,’ Quince for ‘Gift,’ and Hens and Chicks for “Chicken.’ It’s kind of fun to try to think of something to connect with a particular word.

Fancy carved wooden door in Habana Vieja, Cuba


This was an amazingly detailed and carved wooden door that I came across on the main shopping street, Calle Obispo, in Habana Vieja, Cuba. Part of the attraction aside from the ornateness, was how tall and incredibly narrow it was. No grand pianos or sofas are going through that!

Contour Line Nature Drawings


I signed up for an online course called, "Beginning a Nature Journal," taught by Jan Blencowe. This spread is for the first assignment to gather some things to draw from the garden or outside and do contour line drawings of them, add some text and create a frame around the drawing. I added some watercolor and a bit of stippling to add some detail, but both of those were outside the scope of the assignment.