Artichokes Galore!


Here is a drawing I recently finished up of some artichokes I took a picture of at Russo’s, wonderful market in Watertown, MA. I do a lot of my drawings using reference pictures, and after I started sketching, I take my photographs differently so that I can sketch from them later. I love going to markets and seeing all the displays of produce piled up. I often go to a local Indian and Asian markets just to admire their fruit and vegetable displays. I sometimes will also come home with unusual things, for me, both to draw and to try to eat or cook - dragon fruit, bitter melon and drumstick beans have been some of my experiments.

Chocolate Bar Wrappers!


Some people collect wine labels, but I collect chocolate bar wrappers! I've noticed that over the years, wrappers and packaging for chocolate bars are getting more and more interesting and beautiful. With more smaller, specialty chocolatiers making chocolates, there are even more lovely wrappers out there to admire and collect. I then like to draw them in my sketchbook and have them all in one place. For this chocolate bar from Trader Joe's, I used my Platinum carbon pen and ink, a green Micron Pigma 03 pen, and a Faber Castell Artist Pitt pen in addition to watercolor. It is in a Stillman & Birn Epsilon sketchbook.

A Taco Tasting Journey for the Sketchbook Project 2018 Completed!


The deadline for submitting to the Sketchbook Project 2018 and having it part of a traveling collection for the summer is tomorrow, April 30th, 2018. I am done! My pages are all finished and scanned. I'm working on a video of the sketchbook to post a link here. This was my last meal that I had on a day in Seattle for jury duty. They gave an hour and a half for lunch so I had plenty of time to get to and sit down for an actual meal. This place was great. They have an open kitchen and I sat at the bar watching the activity. They make their own tortillas and it was fascinating watching the woman make, press and then cook the tortillas on the flat top. Great food, nice people, and interesting things around the restaurant for me to look at and draw!

First Taco Dinner for the Sketchbook Project 2018

02-03 Sketchbook Project 2018 300dpi.jpg

This is my sketch from my first taco themed spread for the Sketchbook Project 2018. The sketchbook is due at the end of April and I have a couple more meals to record. I typically take a bunch of pictures in the restaurant or at the food truck to get images of the atmosphere and then a number of photos of my tacos as they were presented. Since this was the very first spread, the design is fairly basic. As time progressed and I ate more meals and have done more pages, I have added more and more elements and details. I am slowly digitally cleaning up the images from the sketchbook and will post them here as I go. These were delicious. Where is your favorite taco place?

Bitter Melon

Bitter Melon 2018-03-18 72dpi.jpg

A bit of playing with my food. I went to an Indian food market a couple of days ago and had a fabulous time just looking at the fresh fruits and vegetables. I loved the bin of bitter melon and bought one to draw. I might eat it if I can figure out what to do with it! Know any recipes?

A Spread from a Travel Sketchbook

European SB Newton 2014

This is the finished spread from a travel sketchbook that I'm working my way through from a 2014 trip to the Boston area, and then on to Europe. Every day from the trip gets its own spread and I wrote notes on sticky notes to remind myself of what I did those days. Somedays I was able to get in a sketch onsite from some part of the day's activities. I do rely heavily on my photographs from the day. I also like to include maps whenever I can and will also draw tickets or passes or receipts to add to the day's events. This particular day was spent in walking around the neighborhood I grew up in, enjoying all the old houses and going to my elementary school. It was also farm share day, so it was a trip out to the farm to pick up the week's bounty for my mom.

Chocolate Wrapper Done Two Ways


Here are two versions of the same chocolate bar wrapper. The one on the left was done at my fairly methodical pace. I challenged myself with the one on the right to limit myself to a drawing time of 10-15 minutes. Done was good. I painted them at the same time. Which do you like better?