My latest pet - and person - portrait

Finn and Nancy 2019-04-16 72dpi.jpg

Here is my latest pet portrait. This is of Finn and Nancy, his person. I love drawing different breeds of dogs because they are so unique. I really enjoyed this picture of Finn and Nancy because having them together really showed off just how large Irish Wolfhounds can get. Also, the two of them were clearly happy and content together.

Please contact me if you’re interested in me doing an ink and watercolor pet portrait commission for you. I work from your photos. Check the link for more information or email me at

Labradoodle Puppy Past and Pooch Present Pet Portraits

Great job on aliteration, huh?! I recently finished a couple of pet portraits of a cute labradoodle for Christmas presents - one of her as a puppy and the second as she looks now. This was a fun commission since I got to do two similar but different portraits. My challenges were her curls and trying to keep her fur looking soft. I did them with my favorite approach of ink and watercolor. I work from client photographs and typically have a two-week turn around time from the scheduled start. See the Pet Portrait Item in my shop for more details.

Two Dogs, Two Owners, Two Portraits

I finished a second ink and watercolor portrait of the happy dog pals, Oyuki and Gabriel. It's interesting to see the pictures side by side because they're the same but have their differences. One of the dogs and owner have moved away so the dogs can't play together any more, so one of the portraits will be sent to Gabriel's mom. I love how these turned out! Contact me if you'd like a portrait done of an animal you know.

Oyuki and Gabriel

Oyuki and Gabriel 2018-06-13 300dpi.jpg

My latest commission is complete of Oyuki and Gabriel  - two happy pups on top of a pile of bark.  They were fun to do because they looked so content. It was an interesting challenge of painting white dogs since much of them don't get any color.  I introduced some of the background colors into the shadow areas. Light reflects the colors around. Contact me if you are interested in an ink and watercolor commission of a pet you know -

Pet Portrait Commissions Now Available

Half-Page Flyer 2018-12-27.jpg

I am available to do ink and watercolor pet portraits for you, a family member or a friend. I love dogs and cats and have four furry ones at present: three medium and long haired cats and an Aussie. I work from your photos and can capture if your dog is dignified or a goofball, or if your cat is just being a cat! Contact me for more information at or look in my shop for more options.


Delilah 2018 72dpi.jpg

Here is the lovely Delilah from my most recent commission. She looks like a lovely dog but lives in a different state so I may never meet her. I love her crossed legs! 

If you are interested in a ink and watercolor portrait of your favorite furry friend, feel free to contact me at or click on the link for the item my shop. I believe in giving back and supporting places that make a difference. To that end, 5% of any orders of my pet portraits or sketches will be donated to the Seattle Humane Society. My current three cats were adopted through them.