Una Bolsa de las Piñas - A Bag of Pineapples

bag of pineapples with whitespace copyright.jpg

A pineapple is good and a bag of pineapples is better, especially if there is fresh juice being made with them. The only problem is the needing to carry them up four or five flights of stairs daily. This is part of daily life in Havana, Cuba.

Just a regular street scene in Habana Vieja, Cuba


Everywhere I looked in Habana Vieja, there was some interesting detail to explore. It could be a person, an almendron (one of those old American cars), architectural details, urban decay, beautiful color, daily living. This one drawing has all of that. Just on an ordinary street.

A Man Sitting in Front of his House, Old Havana, Cuba

04 Cuba 2017 lg man in front of house 72 dpi w text with wm.jpg

This is a drawing of a man I saw sitting in front of his house, a normal enough thing. But the building had lots of scaffolding set up supporting the second story balcony. A scene of regular people just living side by side with urban decay.