Chocolate Bar Wrappers!


Some people collect wine labels, but I collect chocolate bar wrappers! I've noticed that over the years, wrappers and packaging for chocolate bars are getting more and more interesting and beautiful. With more smaller, specialty chocolatiers making chocolates, there are even more lovely wrappers out there to admire and collect. I then like to draw them in my sketchbook and have them all in one place. For this chocolate bar from Trader Joe's, I used my Platinum carbon pen and ink, a green Micron Pigma 03 pen, and a Faber Castell Artist Pitt pen in addition to watercolor. It is in a Stillman & Birn Epsilon sketchbook.

Chocolate Wrapper Done Two Ways


Here are two versions of the same chocolate bar wrapper. The one on the left was done at my fairly methodical pace. I challenged myself with the one on the right to limit myself to a drawing time of 10-15 minutes. Done was good. I painted them at the same time. Which do you like better?