A Taco Tasting Journey for the Sketchbook Project 2018 Completed!


The deadline for submitting to the Sketchbook Project 2018 and having it part of a traveling collection for the summer is tomorrow, April 30th, 2018. I am done! My pages are all finished and scanned. I'm working on a video of the sketchbook to post a link here. This was my last meal that I had on a day in Seattle for jury duty. They gave an hour and a half for lunch so I had plenty of time to get to and sit down for an actual meal. This place was great. They have an open kitchen and I sat at the bar watching the activity. They make their own tortillas and it was fascinating watching the woman make, press and then cook the tortillas on the flat top. Great food, nice people, and interesting things around the restaurant for me to look at and draw!

Sketching with the Seattle Urban Sketchers


I met up with the Seattle Urban Sketchers last weekend at the Seattle Center Armory and got some sketching, people watching and meeting new people in. There were about 15-20 people who ended up there. It was fascinating, as always, to see how different all the sketchbooks were at the throw down at the end of the gathering.